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Bragagnini Associates Mortgage Solutions and Financial Solutions believe in giving something back and each year we pick a nominated charity to raise funds for. These have included charities such as ‘Make a Wish Foundation’ and ‘The Henry Allen Trust’ to name a few. We have various events organised to raise funds, including our annual golf day, and we are very proud to continue supporting worthwhile causes.

Why Use an Independent Financial Advisor?


An independent financial adviser could save you thousands of pounds, particularly in today’s volatile financial world.

Looking after your money and planning for your future needs can be daunting and it’s so important to have independent, trusted advice.

A good financial adviser can offer you expertise on so many different areas of your financial planning and can add value to your future in a variety of ways.

Bragagnini Associates Financial Solutions recognise that all our clients have very different needs and we will tailor solutions to your individual circumstances and future goals.

We are dedicated to the future financial welfare of our clients and call it Handheld Solutions.